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Bridge of Tales Open Mic

Bridge of Tales’ Open Mic is a collaborative effort to bring together art, and artists under one roof. We strive to authentically give artists – all artists – a platform for them to showcase their art in all its glory, in front of an audience of like-minded peers, admirers and the general public.

A professionally recorded video of your performance is part of the package when you purchase a slot at our Open Mic.

A welcoming atmosphere, chill vibes and an enthusiastic team is a Bridge of Tales promise when you walk into any of our Open Mics!

Video Productions

Short Films (coming soon)

Youthful artistry is often a reservoir of ideas. The creative minds behind the scenes at Bridge of Tales are no different.

Video productions are an area where we have experimented and innovated, leading to the production of a few short films and webseries.

More details coming soon. Stay tuned!


Workshops (coming soon)

Bridge of Tales organises, hosts, manages and produces artist-oriented workshops.

Our workshops are aimed at not simply educating, but empowering a generation of artists, with the tools and skills needed to find their voice, adapt, persevere and succeed on whatever path they set out for themselves.

Learn from experienced professionals. Their words of wisdom are not just pieces of advice, they are the result of years worth of trial and error.

More details coming soon. Stay tuned!